City-pop anime and manga (Part 1: The classics)

Japanese music and animation often go hand in hand. We no longer count the number of artists/groups who have made a name for themselves by making opening or ending credits music for a Japanese anime ! What we will rather explore here are the animated series that have this ” City-Pop ” and ” 80s ” atmosphere. This is usually what you see in City-pop compilations on Youtube : a looping animation sequence.

It is possible that sometimes the anime in question was not really produced in the 80s. Indeed, between the moment when the author lives his own experience (which necessarily influences him), the layer on manga, and then produced in anime, it can happen easily 15 years! So here we will explore the most famous manga / anime to start!




Cat’s Eyes

We start with the classic Tsukasa Hôjô , namely Cat’s Eyes ! This series tells the story of three sisters, Rui, Hitomi and Ai, who run a cafe by day, but who turn into art thieves by night to find the stolen works of their missing father. With its unique blend of action, mystery and romance, Cat’s Eye has captured the hearts of many viewers!


ANRI is singing the japanese opening !

City Hunter

Another anime based on a manga by Tsukasa Hôjô  ! This action and comedy series follows the adventures of Ryo Saeba, a charismatic and fearless private detective, and his assistant Kaori Makimura. With its perfect blend of exciting investigations, dynamic combat and irresistible humor, City Hunter has captivated a wide audience. It is probably because of this series that today, we are not talking about J-Pop , but City-Pop !



Note that in France, it is Jean Paul Césari who interprets the credits !


Kimagure Orange Road

Kimagure Orange Road is an iconic 80s anime series that captured hearts with its unique blend of romance, comedy and fantasy. This series, based on the manga by Izumi Matsumoto , tells the story of Kyosuke Kasuga , a teenager with psychic powers, who finds himself caught in a love triangle between two girls with contrasting personalities, Madoka and Hikaru . With its vibrant animation, catchy soundtrack and endearing characters, Kimagure Orange Road marked a generation of fans!


Masanori Ikeda, Hideyuki Nagashima and Meiko Nakahara did the openings songs !

Shonan Junaï Gumi

Shonan Junai Gumi is the prequel to the manga GTO . Based on the manga by Tōru Fujisawa , this anime series features the adventures of two rebellious high school students, Eikichi Onizuka and Ryuji Danma , who form the sassy duo of Shonan Junai Gumi . Together, they engage in hilarious showdowns, street fights, and goofy situations as they try to become respected thugs (and bōsōzoku) in the Shonan region.

With its quirky humour, dynamic animation and endearing characters, Shonan Junaï Gumi has been adapted into just 5 OAVs (the series has 31 manga). We hope to see a reboot one day called ” ONIZUKA” which would cover all the manga, from Shonan Junaï Gumi to GTO , as well as all its spin-offs !! Come on, let’s dream friends !



Eikichi Onizuka , who will become GTO : Great Teacher Onizuka !


Cowboy Bebop

Despite being a late 90s anime set in a futuristic universe, we can’t resist sharing our enthusiasm for Cowboy Bebop ! The series is highly appreciated by fans of city-pop, and its very jazzy soundtrack obviously echoes our musical style!

This iconic animated work skillfully blends action, drama and music to create an unforgettable experience. Follow the adventures of Spike Spiegel and his crew of bounty hunters as they journey into the distant future, battling against space’s most dangerous criminals. Immerse yourself in a scenario rich in twists and turns, explore stunning settings and vibrate to the bewitching rhythm of the jazz soundtrack. Don’t miss this cult series!


A business card project for the group !



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