Why Tatsurō Yamashita isn’t on Spotify ?

The question keeps coming up in discussion spaces, so we decided to write a dedicated article!  


No, Tatsuro Yamashita is not on Spotify

If you can’t find Tatsuro Yamashita on streaming platforms, that’s normal. The Japanese have a different approach when it comes to promoting and selling music. You should also know that the physical CD market in Japan is still holding up well (the Japanese spend around 3 times more than the French on physical CDs). The meager cost of streaming is a drag, and most of the Japanese albums on the platform are either old albums or albums by artists who are no longer in business.

The only platform where you will therefore find Tatsuro Yamashita music officially is YouTube.

We also find on the official Youtube channel promotional videos for the re-issues of his main albums : Circus Town, SPACY, It’s a Poppin’ Time, Go Ahead, Moonglow, Ride On Time et FOR YOU.

Toshiki Kadomatsu, also not very present on Spotify

Regarding Toshiki Kadomatsu , there are a few albums, but they are often quieter versions, far from the most popular albums like On the City Shore , AFTER 5 or Gold Digger . If you ask yourself the following question: “why a partial discography?” the answer probably has to do with the fact that the albums were released on different record labels. We must therefore succeed in getting everyone around the table to bring together the necessary conditions so that the titles can be made available on streaming platforms, or even also on physical release.

toshiki kadomatsu never touch again album single citypop spotify


City-Pop on Spotify

Miki Matsubara

Her famous title ” Stay With Me ” is the most streamed City-Pop title (232 Million readings to date). Almost all of his songs and albums are available on Spotify , including Blue Eyes , the Jazz album we already told you about.  


Miki_Matsubara_Spotify - stay with me citypop city pop



Almost all of her albums are available on Spotify . So we find Timely , Heaven Beach , Bikini and Coool , 4 essential albums!


anri_timely_spotify_album_city_pop citypop


Omega Tribe

Almost all of Omega Tribe ‘s albums are available on Spotify . Be careful however, the discography is split between the multiple formations:

  • S. Kiyotaka & Omega Tribe
  • 1986 Omega Tribe
  • Carlos Toshiki & Omega Tribe

1986 omega tribe carlos toshiki kiyotaka sugiyama spotify


Yurie Kokubu

To listen to urgently, especially his album Relief with “Taxi Man” and “Just a Joke”



This discreet group oscillates between city-pop and soft-rock/AOR. Judge for yourself with their first 4 albums available on the platform: AB’S 1 , AB’S 2 , AB’S 3 , AB’S 4



Yoshino Fujina

He has several albums which again deserve a listen. It’s more jazzy, but it sends well!



Momoko Kikuchi, Masayoshi Takanaka, etc…!

We let you discover!


A City-Pop Spotify Playlist just for you!

We ourselves have created a dedicated playlist. You will therefore find most of the aforementioned artists and a lot of surprises!

Spotify :






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