Junko Ohashi : Tribute and retrospective

If we were ever planning to write an article about Junko Ohashi  we didn’t think we’d have to do it right away. We have to face the facts, the City-Pop singers who had their glory in the 80s are now quite old. Junko Ohashi died this Thursday, November 9, 2023 at the age of 73.


A Pop/Enka artist in the 70s

The 70s represent the beginnings of City-Pop. Decidedly more pop, but rich in arrangement and some jazz chords, there is even a dedicated category on Reddit ! It mainly talks about love with soft melodies. Some songs seems to be influenced to Enka , a more traditional Japanese style of songs.

Moreover, in Japan, her pop titles are the best known, such as Tasogare My Love (1978) which reached #2 on the Origon Chart and Silhouette romance (1981),.


Junko Ohashi & Minoya Central Station


At the same time, Junko Ohashi collaborated with other musicians, the band was named Junko Ohashi & Minoya Central Station. The band features various musicians, notably Teruo Goto (Sax) and Marty Bracey (Drums), who will both later play together with Carlos Toshiki & Omega Tribe.


A more funky and City-Pop turn in the mid-80s

It is particularly the album ” Magical ” (1984) which is appreciated by City-Pop fans. And what could be better for “city pop” than putting on the cover the city of skyscrapers par excellence, namely New York ? The twin towers of the World Trade Center framed in the middle, a strong symbol of the 1980s, of the economic boom in both Japan and the United States .


The WTC Twin Towers in the center, destroyed in 2001

But in reality, Magical is not a real album, but a compilation of different titles, from different albums:

From the album Tea for Tears (1981) :

  • Another Day, Another Love
  • Telephone Number (テレフォン・ナンバー)


From the album Tasogare ~ Postcard Fantasy (1982) :

  • Perfume (香水)
  • Lost Love
  • Sherry
  • Tasogare (黄昏)
  • I love You So (Bonus Track – Reissue 2009)


From the album POINT ZERO (1983) :

  • Dancin’
  • In Your Lovin’
  • Sugao no Mamade
  • A Love Affair (Bonus Track – Reissue 2009)



Only Isn’t It Magic is new, if we exclude I love You So  and A Love Affair which are only present on the 2009 re-issues.

We therefore find the much appreciated I Love You So  and its characteristic vocal rises :

Without forgetting the famous Telephone Number which has become a famous meme !


Discography after Magical

Junko Ohashi released a total of 20 albums in her career, and 13 albums after 1984 :

Her most well-know song in this period is Sweet Love, which can be found in many city-pop mixes:

A more modern version can also be found here:

Also, she did a cover of RIDE ON TIME by Tatsuro Yamashita on the album TERRA 2 :

Some live performances

Junko Ohashi ‘s recorded live performances are not numerous, we mainly find television performances :

Click Download to save Tasugare My Love Ohashi Junko City Pop Harp mp3 youtube com

This performance with a harpist demonstrates the musical variety of Junko Ohashi


Simple Love :

Tasogare My Love :



Junko Ohashi in Big Band Jazz mode


Junko Ohashi performed with the Tropical Jazz Big Band, (often incorrectly called Nettai Tropical Jazz Big Band ). This big band has existed since 1995 and has played in several jazz festivals, as well as at Carnegie Hall in New York.


Silhouette Romance :


Chijo no Hoshi :


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